The perfect soundtrack

Score your media with original songs and sounds and elevate your product to the next level. Whether it be YouTube videos, films, video games, or anything that could use some music, Markie Music can zero in on the tone and feel you need to complete the package.

Are you a vocalist/solo instrumentalist in need of a track to perform on top of? Look no further.

No Genre is off limits


orchestral scores

With soaring symphonies, epic cinematic percussion, and angelic choirs, you never have to settle for less. We'll work with you to capture the emotion of the scene, whether it's a tense chase or a stroll through the park.

Ambient moods

Sometimes a more subtle touch is all you need. Ambient music is needed more frequently than you may imagine. Fill out your scene, video game, or podcast with ambient tracks to set the mood just right.

High energy

Modern synth production is one of our specialties. Few genres capture the fun and energy found in electronic music. 

Crushing metal

Bone breaking riffs and squealing solos, if you need a show of force, we've got you covered.

Booming bass

Awesome beats, huge bass, pristine high end, everything you'd need for a killer demo or mixtape.


Contact me for rates, I can make something work for your budget!

Songs come with the full service of being composed, produced, tuned, mixed, and mastered.

Prices negotiable for smaller projects.

Full Soundtrack/Album deals available.