Musicianship on demand

Does your music need guitar tracks? Don't settle for artificial sounding sample libraries, get the real thing. With a variety of guitars to choose from and walls of amps, we'll help you get the sound perfect for you. Although guitar can be a finicky instrument to intonate, all tracks are guaranteed to be in tune and on tempo. Simply send a MIDI map of whatever notes you need with the BPM or whatever else to describe the tracks that you need.


Gibson SG

Fender Stratocaster with Trem

Gibson Explorer with EMGs 81+85

Custom Agile Baritone 6 String with EMGs 81+85

Custom Agile 7 String with Dimarzio Titans

ESP KH-602 with Original Floyd Rose

ESP Eclipse-1000



Various Gibson, Martin, and Fender Acoustics

Various 5 string Bass Guitars

5 String Banjo


Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb

ENGL Savage 120

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Marshal JCM 800

Peavey 5150

Vox AC30


Michael Markie is an experienced guitar player with over 12 years of experience, both live and in studio.